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Samantha Rattner
January 31, 2024

2024 Update: Wayland Driver for Wine to Incorporate OpenGL Support and Numerous New Features


Collabora gives us a brief overview and future projections on the work in progress on the Wayland driver for Wine, along with potential features that would be interesting to see incorporated eventually.

The Wayland driver for Wine marked its inception with the Wine 9.0 launch of the complimentary and open-source compatibility layer that enables running apps and games designed for Windows platforms on Unix-like operating systems.

In spite of the Wayland driver for Wine being in an experimental stage right now, it enables basic window management functions such as full-screen display, maximization, resizing, and so forth, software rendering, mouse and keyboard support (inclusive of mouselook and keymap handling), fundamental HiDPI support, in addition to Vulkan support (inclusive of Direct3D via WineD3D/Vulkan or DXVK).

By 2024, Collabora plans to introduce more novel features to the Wayland driver for Wine, comprising of OpenGL support, emulation of display mode alterations via compositor scaling, window minimization support, clipboard support, drag-and-drop support, enhanced positioning of temporary windows (for instance, popups, menus, etc.), along with general robustness improvements.

“Our goal was to move forward from the experimental phase and make the driver a proper upstream component. A year later, after several merge requests, many people are now already able to use the latest Wine release to enjoy some of their favorite Windows applications in a completely X11-free environment,” writes Alexandros Frantzis in a blog post.

In addition to the work they plan to implement throughout 2024, Collabora also hopes to work on other features that would be great to have eventually, including support for system DPI auto-detection, per-monitor DPI handling in Wine core, cross-process rendering, and integration with the upcoming Wayland color-management (and HDR) protocol.

Those of you who want to test the Wayland driver in Wine 9.0 need to enable it via the HKCUSoftwareWineDrivers registry key by running the wine reg.exe add HKCU\Software\Wine\Drivers /v Graphics /d x11,wayland command and then unset the DISPLAY environment variable.

Image credits: Collabora

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