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June 23, 2024

Budgie 10.9.2 Desktop Released: Key Bug Fixes and Ongoing Wayland Transition

Budgie developer Joshua Strobl announced the release of Budgie 10.9.2 as a minor maintenance update in the Budgie 10.9 series of this modern desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions.

While the Budgie devs are hard at work porting the desktop environment to the modern Wayland display protocol, slated for the Budgie 10.10 release, they pushed a small point release for Budgie 10.9 users to address some annoyances and other issues reported by users.

More specifically, Budgie 10.9.2 is here to improve the Budgie Menu to display Terminal-based applications, such as Neovim, address a regression in the Budgie Run Dialog which caused it to show up in the task switchers, and fix an issue with the end session dialogs blocking authentication dialogs.

It also addresses an issue affecting the notification’s default action, which was performed when the close button was clicked, an issue affecting the system tray whereby some apps wouldn’t show with their intended icon, as well as an issue related to specification compliance that should improve compatibility with some icon themes.

On top of that, Budgie 10.9.2 improves the TabSwitcher to no longer show an empty switcher when there are no windows to switch between and improves the Workspace Applet by fixing the broken left scroll direction and addressing an issue where clicking on a window icon wouldn’t actually switch between workspaces.

Last but not least, the new Budgie desktop release adds support for libxfce4windowing 4.19.3 and re-hides the warnings that were previously hidden in Meson versions 1.4.0 or lower. Check out the release announcement page for more details about the changes included in this update.

“While we have been hard at work on our Wayland porting efforts for our upcoming 10.10 release, we felt it important to provide a small release to address some of the issues that have been reported by our users […] without introducing any of the larger Wayland-related changes that have either already landed in our main development branch or will be over the course of 10.10’s development.” said Joshua Strobl.

Budgie 10.9.2 desktop environment is on its way to the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions, including Solus, Arch Linux, Fedora Linux, and others. Make sure you update as soon as it’s available if you’re running Budgie 10.9 or 10.9.1 for a better and more stable experience.

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