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Nick Phillips
April 27, 2018


ChicagoVPS has launched a brand new website with an updated interface and logo. The new website provides a refreshed looked from its predecessor with an improve user experience that makes obtaining information to our plans and pricing that you need easier.

New Features:

A few key features that have been added to ChicagoVPS’s new interface is the ability to test our network of each of our data centers with the use of looking glass. We have also added FAQ sections to each one of our services pages to assist in answering any of your basic questions. ChicagoVPS also plans on releasing updated pricing as well as updates to our hosting plans.

We are very excited to roll out a new design that not only improves the way you search for our services, but gives you a better understanding of what ChicagoVPS has to offer you! For more information or to browse our new website, visit https://www.chicagovps.net/

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