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April 19, 2024

Clonezilla Live Update: Patched XZ Backdoor and Powered by Linux 6.7

Steven Shiau has today released a new Clonezilla Live system for disk cloning/imaging. This latest rendition, Clonezilla Live 3.1.2-22, incorporates a new kernel and fixes the live system against the most recent XZ backdoor exploit.

The second version in the Clonezilla Live 3.1.2 series, Clonezilla Live 3.1.2-22 primarily operates as an emergency update to secure the live system against the latest XZ backdoor. Shiau achieved this by downgrading the xz-utils package from version 5.6.0 to version 5.4.5, uninterrupted by the backdoor, which permitted remote attacks on the SSH server.

Consequently, you should dispose of the previous Clonezilla Live 3.1.2-9 ISO from your system, installing this new version instead. Additionally, it includes a newer kernel, the Linux 6.7.9-2 from the Debian Sid directories. The former Clonezilla Live version used the Linux kernel 6.6.11-1, hence the new kernel offering improved hardware support.

Aside from that, the Clonezilla Live 3.1.2-22 release implements a novel format for messages sent to ocsmgrd, using a comma to distinguish between messages. It also adds the powermgmt-base and pdsh tools to the live system and updates the ezio package to version 2.0.11.

It also adds support for rotating Clonezilla-related log files and support for receiving new format messages from clients, fixes a bug that prevented messages from being sent to ocsmgrd in Bluetooth mode, and removes the ip= parameter from boot parameters due to a bug when creating a custome ISO using the ocs-iso utility.

The disable_sudo_use_pty script was updated as well to negate it explicitly, not just comment it, which should avoid distortion of gpm with jfbterm. Of course, the underlying system was upgraded and it’s synced with the Debian Sid repository as of April 8th, 2024.

Clonezilla Live 3.1.2-22 is available for download right now from the official website as live ISO images for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Again, it is highly recommended that you use this new Clonezilla Live version for all your disk imaging or cloning tasks rather than any of the previous releases due to the XZ backdoor.

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