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Samantha Rattner
January 23, 2024

Discover What’s New in the Recently Released Mozilla Firefox 122

The Mozilla Firefox 122 web browser is now available for download ahead of its official release on January 23rd, 2024, so it’s time to check out the new features and enhancements.

For Linux users, Firefox 122 appears to be finally shipping with a DEB package for Debian-based distributions, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and others, that do not wish to use Firefox in a containerized bundle like Snap or Flatpak.

For instance, the developers at Linux Mint did not want to ship Ubuntu’s Firefox Snap, so they had to develop their own DEB package. With the official Firefox DEB package crafted by Mozilla, they will no longer have to support an additional app.

As per Mozilla, the Firefox DEB package assures improved performance due to Mozilla’s sophisticated compiler-based optimizations, hardened binaries with all security flags enabled during compilation, immediate access to the latest updates, and seamless browsing as there’s no need to restart Firefox post upgrading the package.

Firefox 122 also improves the quality of the translations created by the new built-in translation feature introduced in Firefox 118. With this release, Firefox should offer more stable translations that no longer break interactive widgets on some websites and reduce the risk of content disappearing when translated.

This release also improves the web browser compatibility for line breaking by matching the line-breaking rules to the Unicode Standard and adds proper support for language-aware word selection when double-clicking on text for Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Lao, Khmer, and Thai users.

Firefox 122 is set to introduce a variety of changes, including enabling scripts to store cacheAPI data when in Private Browsing mode, introducing taint filters that utilise currentColor as an input to enhance user privacy, and offering images and descriptions for search suggestion, given the search engine provides them.

With the onset of this release, Firefox will no longer cater to the “Snippets” option in Settings > Home. This feature previously facilitated users with advice and updates from Mozilla and Firefox. Furthermore, the “Search Bar” settings found in Settings > Search has also been removed in Firefox 122. This feature once permitted the user to choose between employing the address bar for both search and navigation or adding the search bar to the toolbar.

Android users will appreciate Firefox 122, as it introduces the capability to report the operating system version as “Android 10” within Firefox Android’s User-Agent string. This is intended to decrease user fingerprinting information and enhance compatibility with certain websites.

Furthermore, Android Firefox users can set the browser as their default PDF reader and activate the Global Privacy Control feature. This function tells websites not to sell or share their browsing data. Users can enable this through Settings > Enhanced Tracking Protection > Tell websites not to share & sell data.

Web developers can look forward to Firefox 122, which offers support for animating the SVG viewBox attribute using SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language). This update also includes support for the LargestContentfulPaint API, the showPicker method on <select> elements, and ray() on the offset-path CSS property.

Firefox 122 also provides support for basic-shape and coord-box on the offset-path CSS property. Additional supports include rect() and xywh() basic shapes on the clip-path and offset-path CSS properties. Other noteworthy features are the support for the Screen Wake Lock API, <hr>-in-<select>, and the ability to recognize the “webauthn” autocomplete token.

Last but not least, this release changes the fallback URL parser for unknown schemes to DefaultURI in an effort to adhere to specifications and enhance web compatibility. Additionally, it enables the ArrayBuffer.prototype.transfer proposal methods that facilitate the transferring of ArrayBuffer data ownership.

In addition, Firefox 122 enables Uneven Level Protection Forward Error Correction (ULPFEC) by default for WebRTC services, aiming to enhance video quality for users with weak Internet connections. As is customary, various security concerns and bugs have also been addressed in this release.

Mozilla has plans to formally announce the release of Firefox 122 tomorrow, on January 23rd, 2024. Until that time, you have the option to download the official binary or DEB packages from Mozilla’s download server.

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