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May 16, 2024

Exploring Firefox 127 Beta: New Screenshot Tool and Other Upgrades

With Firefox 126 out the door, Mozilla has promoted the next major release of its open-source and cross-platform web browser, Firefox 127, to the beta channel for public testing.

Firefox 127 promises an updated screenshots feature that will finally let you take screenshots of various :about: pages and file types like SVG, XML, and others, and better handle capturing large screenshots. In addition, it features new keyboard shortcuts for added accessibility, theme compatibility, and High Contrast Mode (HCM) support.

Firefox 127 also adds a new “Close duplicate tabs” option in the “List all tabs” tab bar widget and the tab context menu, and adds support for resolving HTTPS DNS records with the operating system’s DNS resolver on Linux, Android 10 and later, and Windows 11.

“Previously this required DNS over HTTPS to be enabled. This capability allows the use of HTTP/3 without needing to use the Alt-Svc header, upgrades requests to HTTPS when the DNS record is present, and enables wider use of ECH,” said Mozilla.

Firefox 127 will identify 32-bit x86 CPU architectures as x86_64 (64-bit) in its User-Agent string on Linux systems for Linux users. This will also apply to the navigator.platform and navigator.oscpu Web APIs. This is done in an attempt to reduce user tracking information and enhance website compatibility.

For Windows users, an auto-launch feature is introduced in Firefox 127 that allows for the browser to launch automatically whenever the PC is started or restarted. On the other hand, for macOS users, the enhancement is in the form of enabling tab navigation for links and other focusable elements by default, as opposed to following the macOS’ “Keyboard navigation” setting.

Specifically for web developers, Firefox 127 is promising support for the new Set JavaScript methods. These methods are for creating unions and intersections of two sets. Additionally, there will be support for the navigator.clipboard.read()/write() function, which will prompt users for confirmation when Firefox attempts to read clipboard content that is not from a same-origin page.

For web developers, Firefox 127 optimizes and allows for DNS prefetching for HTTPS documents with the rel="dns-prefetch" link cue, permitting developers to indicate the domains for key assets that should be resolved preemptively.

In addition, Firefox 127 introduces a feature originally projected for Firefox 126, specifically the “Show trending search suggestion” setting under Search, which enables the display of Google Trending Searches in the search bar (this is not activated by default). Moreover, the much-anticipated Cookie Banner Blocker feature is now available.

Firefox 127 is set to be released by Mozilla on June 11th, 2024. Until then, you can test the Firefox 127 beta version on your personal PC by downloading the binary from the official website. Please consider, however, that this is a pre-release version and is not recommended for use in production environments.

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