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March 31, 2024

Introducing Marknote: KDE’s Latest WYSIWYG Note-Taking App for Linux

Mathis Brüchert announced the release of Marknote, KDE’s new WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) note-taking application for the Linux desktop, which allows you to create, edit, and organize rich text notes.

Built with KDE’s Kirigami framework, Marknote stands out as a markdown note management tool, promising to make the organisation of your markdown files into notebooks an effortless task. The application by default saves your rich text notes as Markdown files in the Documents folder.

The element of personalization is made possible in the notebooks by assigning an icon and accent color to each one. Marknote also supports bold and italic fonts, as well as underlined and strikethrough text formatting as it allows you to organize your notes with titles and sections in various list types.

“Thanks to Carl [Schwan], Marknote now not only swings with bold and italic fonts, but also lets you underline important parts, strike through wrong areas, arrange your thoughts in various list types, and organize your notes with titles, sections, and more,” Mathis Brüchert voiced in a blog post.

The first release, Marknote 1.0.0, is available for download as a source tarball from KDE’s App Store, but it can be easily installed on your KDE Plasma desktop with a few mouse clicks via the Plasma Discover package manager and other AppStream application stores.

For now, Marknote is not available as a Flatpak or Snap app, but it should be available shortly in the Flathub and Snap Store application stores so you can easily install it on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

Future releases of Marknote will add support for images, links, and check-boxes, as well as overhauled dialogs, according to renowned KDE developer Carl Schwan, who teased us with another release coming our way very soon.

Image credits: KDE Project

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