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March 2, 2024

Introducing Plasma 6: KDE’s Newly Released Mobile Version with a Redesigned Homescreen

The KDE Project unveiled Plasma Mobile 6, an updated version of their mobile-oriented Plasma desktop environment. This edition is based on the recently launched KDE Plasma 6 desktop series and postmarketOS.

Plasma Mobile 6 introduces a redesigned default home screen allowing users to customise pages, organise favourite apps into grids and groups inside folders, access to an app drawer and KRunner search, accommodates importing and exporting of homescreen layouts as files, and provides customisable page transitions.

This latest release also showcases a new welcome screen, which engages on the first launch to help users navigate through various system settings such as Wi-Fi, cellular connection, device scaling, timezone, among other fundamental system aspects.

In addition, Plasma Mobile 6 introduces a novel automated settings service aimed at increasing interoperability with the KDE Plasma desktop environment, which can be installed concurrently on the system, thereby doing away with the requirement for custom configuration files.

Other noteworthy changes include porting of the authentication dialog for mobile, a new “Docked Mode” quicksetting that enables window decorations and minimize/maximize/close buttons, a new setting to always show the keyboard toggle button, improved default vibration settings, and porting of the Flashlight quicksetting for all devices.

The Settings app received various improvements as well, such as asynchronous interaction tasks for the cellular settings module, a more consistent mobile design for the Wi-Fi settings module, as well as an overhauled time settings module to newer components.

Several of the default Plasma Mobile apps have been updated with new features. These include the Clock app, which now pauses MPRIS media sources when an alarm or timer starts, the Calculator app, which has a new configuration page allowing you to set decimal places, angle units, and a parsing mode, as well as the Kasts app, which now offers improved playback controls and faster podcast downloads.

More details (with screenshots) about the Plasma Mobile 6 release are available on the release announcement page. If you have one of the devices supported by postmarketOS, you should be able to install Plasma Mobile 6 on your smartphone in the coming days or weeks when a new version will be made available for download.

Image credits: KDE Project (edited by Marius Nestor)

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