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February 8, 2024

Introducing The New Global Search Mode in GNOME 46’s Nautilus File Manager

The GNOME 46 desktop environment, months away from its release, is continually getting new additions to many of its default apps, including the Nautilus (Files) file manager that now has a global search mode.

As part of the GNOME 46 development cycle, Nautilus has gained an array of features and enhancements for better file management in GNOME, that include improved discoverability of custom folder icons, the detection of file copy/move operations over the 4GB limit on FAT file systems, a new Network view, and much more.

A few improvements have been made to its search capabilities like the ability to treat markdown files as text documents when searching and the recent addition of a new explicit global search mode that should be available for public testing as a GNOME 46 beta release due next week.

Nautilus, as known in the GNOME 45 desktop environment series, already has a “Search Everywhere” feature, which allows for a wider scope when searching for files across multiple locations.

It seems that the “Search Everywhere” feature has evolved into a global search feature in the forthcoming GNOME 46 release. In the search button, which has been relocated to the sidebar, the new global search mode is deployed.

Upon hitting this search button, Nautilus opens the Search Everywhere view to assist you in locating files and folders in all your predetermined search locations, as outlined in the Search panel in Settings. This is now in line with most of the default GNOME apps which present the search button on the titlebar’s left side.

In addition, the global search view provides swift access to the Search Locations setting through an “Open Search Settings” button. This button appears prior to initiating the search and when there are no search result findings.

For more details about Nautilus’ new global search mode, you can check out this merge request. Meanwhile, we’re waiting for the beta release of GNOME 46 to take this new feature for a spin.

Image credits: António Fernandes/GNOME Project

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