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June 8, 2024

KDE Frameworks 6.3 Launches: Explore the Latest UI Enhancements and Essential Bug Fixes

The KDE Project announced today the launch of KDE Frameworks 6.3, the latest upgrade to this suite of over 70 additional libraries for Qt, which furnish extensive functionality for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and KDE applications.

KDE Frameworks 6.3 brings enhancements to the display of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) on monitors that utilize fractional scaling, striving to minimize fuzziness. It provides aesthetic updates to both QtQuick- and QtWidgets-powered applications by modernizing the smaller in-window dialogs and command bars, respectively.

This version also elevates the icon display in dialogs throughout the Plasma desktop and applications by shifting to normally colored icons. It optimizes the functionality of checkboxes in the dialogues for selecting windows and screens to share, and refines some Breeze icons to better match dark color themes when applied.

KDE Frameworks 6.3 has resolved several issues including a prolonged delay experienced when opening the File Search section in System Settings caused by an overloaded file indexer, problems with the “Pick your installation option popup” in the “Get new [thing]” windows upon upgrading to Qt 6.7, and the search functionality in the Kickoff application launcher.

The latest update to KDE Frameworks also enhances the KSvg and Kirigami.Icon within the Plasma desktop to accurately adjust the colors of SVG images based on the applied color scheme. This enhancement ensures visually consistent rendering in environments utilizing combined light and dark themes, such as Breeze Twilight.

Additionally, KDE Frameworks 6.3 introduces symbolic icons by linking them to existing monochrome icons, removes the recently added process-working-symbolic icons, ensures complete symlink verification during resource creation for Breeze icons, and enhances the support for Qt 6.7 across various components.

Check out the release notes for more details about the changes included in this update. Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma desktop environment, it is highly recommended that you update to the KDE Frameworks 6.3 packages as soon as they arrive in the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution.

The next KDE Frameworks update, v6.4, is planned for July 12th, 2024. Until then, we’re waiting for the big KDE Plasma 6.1 desktop environment release with its explicit GPU synchronization support and other new features later this month on June 18th.

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