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March 7, 2024

KDE Plasma 5.27.11 LTS: Enhanced Flatpak Support in Discover and Plasma Wayland Fixes

The KDE Project today unveiled the KDE Plasma 5.27.11 bugfix update to their long-term supported KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment series in order to address an array of bugs and issues.

Arriving three months post the KDE Plasma 5.27.10 LTS release, KDE Plasma 5.27.11 LTS addresses a crash in KWin windows and compositing manager during use of the Plasma Wayland session. Additionally, it also resolves a KWin crash that could manifest when the screen arrangement altered during an X11 session.

This update also rectifies an issue potentially causing your monitor’s display to blackout leaving only a navigable cursor, post switching from one virtual terminal to another, utilizing certain GPUs. It enhances support for backlit keyboard laptops by accurately restoring the brightness level upon shutting and opening the lid.

Further, KDE Plasma 5.27.11 LTS brings support for clipboard content saved in Klipper to be used by sandboxed applications via the portal system, facilitating the pasting of files into these applications. It ameliorates the Weather widget to accurately refresh wind speed in EnvCan provided forecasts, furthermore permitting the alteration of Address, Name Style, Paper Size, and Phone Numbers settings in the Region & Language page within System Settings.

Also improved in this update is the Plasma Browser Integration, Flatpak support in the Plasma Discover package manager by fixing the prompt for deleting the data of an uninstalled app, improves notifications, fixes ostree container support in the Plasma Discover package manager, and fixes several other KWin bugs.

For more details, check out the changelog on the official website. Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment series, keep an eye on the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution for the 5.27.11 packages and update your installations as soon as possible.

KDE Plasma 5.27.11 also appears to be the last update to the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment series, but if any critical bugs occur, new maintenance updates might be released until the latest KDE Plasma 6 series becomes widely adopted among GNU/Linux distributions.

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