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April 3, 2024

Linux Mint 22 Adopts Pipewire and Confirms Shipment of Newer Kernels After Release


Some good news coming out of camp Linux Mint, as the upcoming release of Linux Mint 22 is set to be quite a good one for bringing it up to standard like other distributions on newer tech.

Announced in a blog post, Mint’s Clement Lefebvre mentioned various improvements coming like better localization support which will also use less disk space. Languages you don’t pick will now properly be removed, and the ISO will actually have English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian requiring no extra downloads for those.

Something big for audio fans is that Linux Mint 22 will also finally swap over to Pipewire as the default sound server, the Software Sources tool will feature support for the new Deb822 format and the next version of Pix (their image viewer) will support JXL images.

Pictured – Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop

Another significant development is the change in their kernel versioning. Mint has had a penchant for sticking with older kernels, often avoiding the use of newer ones. However, they have been distributing EDGE ISOs equipped with newer kernels for some time, and now they plan to follow Ubuntu’s lead by distributing new kernel series releases after the launch of Linux Mint 22. As Lefebvre noted, they didn’t notice substantial differences in stability between LTS and HWE series, and an increasing amount of users with new laptops or chipsets relied on EDGE images. As a result, this move seemed logical.

They also designed a new XApp, GNOME Online Account GTK, with an objective to function across any desktop environment and connect to online accounts such as Google, Microsoft, among others.

A persistent issue has been Snap, which the Mint team continues to disapprove of, especially in regard to Canonical’s packaging format. With Ubuntu’s shift to encapsulate Thunderbird in a Snap, the Mint team has decided to package it independently as a .deb file.

Their work on Jargonaut, a contemporary chat application that utilizes IRC at its core, is also ongoing.

They’re also now working with Fastly, to support their packaging repositories which should provide better speeds and overall stability.

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