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May 17, 2024

New PipeWire 1.2 Release Candidate: Addition of Explicit Sync and Snap Support

The upcoming PipeWire 1.2 server, the Release Candidate (RC) development version, is now prepared for public testing. This server, crafted for managing audio and video streams, as well as hardware on Linux, is awaiting your visit.

With PipeWire 1.2, anticipate some groundbreaking features such as explicit GPU synchronization. Also expect to see Snap support for Ubuntu and other distributions using Canonical’s sandboxed app packaging format, backing for asynchronous processing, and mandatory metadata support when negotiating buffer parameters.

Moreover, PipeWire 1.2 will also cater to creating and employing multiple data-loops in the server and clients, offering support for CPU affinity and data-loops priorities. Commencing JACK transport will guarantee the scheduling of all nodes simultaneously, courtesy of the implementation of the concept of node.sync-group.

The cherry on the top, you’ll find an enhanced support for the Google OPUS, LC3-SWB, and AAC-ELD codecs for refined Bluetooth audio management. In addition, the broadcast source configuration support, up and downmixing aid for the loopback module, and the PTP management protocol support for the RTP module are other value additions.

Among other noteworthy changes, the upcoming PipeWire 1.2 release promises security-context support to allow Flatpak apps to request a socket with specific properties from PipeWire to mount in the Flatpak, support for the PipeWire server and clients to use multiple threads to process nodes in parallel, as well as a new A -P option to provide extra properties to the context.

Last but not least, PipeWire 1.2 adds a new module for loading Parametric EQ, support for local services to RAOP (Remote Audio Output Protocol), RTP and Pulse Avahi discoverers, Vulkan bit and convert filters, camera rotation to the libcamera node, and a pw-container tool to start a new security context and run an application in it.

Check out the release notes on the project’s GitLab page for more details about the changes implemented in PipeWire 1.2, from where you can download the Release Candidate if you want to give a try on your GNU/Linux distribution. However, please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version, not suitable for production use.

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