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June 18, 2024

Red Hat and exida Revolutionize Automotive Industry with Linux Integration


Red Hat today announced that the Linux math library (libm.so glibc) – a fundamental component of the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System – has achieved ISO 26262 ASIL-B certification from exida, a global leader in functional safety and cybersecurity certification.

ISO 26262 is the international standard for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems in road vehicles. While you may not be familiar with exida, it is a global company that provides certification, services and tools for functional safety, alarm management, and cybersecurity of automation systems.

Red Hat’s collaboration with exida marks a significant milestone. While it may not be obvious to all of us, Linux is playing an increasingly important role in the automotive industry. In fact, even the car you’re driving today could be using Linux in some capacity. Linux is very well known and appreciated in the automotive industry with increasing attention being paid both to its reliability and its security.

The phrase “open source for the open road” is now being used to describe the inevitable fit between the character of Linux and the need for highly customizable code in all sorts of automotive equipment. The safety of vehicles that get us from one place to another on a nearly daily basis has become a serious priority. This isn’t a new idea. Back in 2004, Jonathan Schwartz, then the chief operating officer at Sun Microsystems, suggested that cars could become software platforms in the same way that cell phones were. As it turns out, he was right. The trend has been increasingly visible for some years now, and recently we’ve seen some major moves forward.

Open source places a huge role in the automotive use of Linux. Open source is critical because it can be adjusted as needed to fit everything from the most powerful supercomputers to the tiniest electronic devices.

Red Hat’s collaboration with exida exemplifies the automotive industry’s growing demand for a reimagined, software-centric driving experience that meets the stringent standards of reliability and safety. Today, we proudly present tangible proof that our innovative approach to delivering a functionally safe certified Linux operating system is effective. Red Hat remains steadfast in its commitment to offering the automotive industry the freedom and flexibility provided by open, [software-defined vehicles (SDV)-ready] solutions. This empowers organizations to choose the best-in-class solutions for their unique needs across every layer of their technology stack.”

“Since the inception of our collaboration, Red Hat has brought a unique and comprehensive approach that integrates modern software development practices while paving the way for the widespread adoption of open source solutions in automotive safety applications. Their focus on ensuring the safety of both individual components and the operating system as a whole is crucial. This latest achievement brings them even closer to realizing the first continuously-certified in-vehicle Linux Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System. Their open source first approach to the organization, culture and thought process is an exemplary superset of what exida regards as a best practice for world-class safety culture. Contrary to many who believe open source is incompatible with safety, exida has found that Red Hat is dedicated to working towards goals aligned to functional safety in ways that benefit everyone.”

“Red Hat’s latest accomplishment with exida helps deliver on their promise to deliver a continuously certified and functionally safe Linux operating system for automotive applications. For the deterministic middleware of ETAS, having reliable safety features in the operating system is essential. Linux demonstrates that open source can offer a standardized yet adaptable foundation, meeting the rigorous demands of automotive-grade software while promoting innovation and collaboration across the industry.”

The ETAS Group is a German company that designs tools for the development of embedded systems for the automotive industry as well as other sectors of the embedded industry.

The links below provide some additional background on the organizations involved in this major move forward for the use of Linux in the automotive industry.

The contributions that Red Hat and critical collaborators are making to automotive safety are incredible. The safety and security of automotive vehicles has reached a new level of reliability.

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