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April 17, 2024

Release of VirtualBox 7.0.16: Initial Support for Linux 6.8 and 6.9 Kernels Introduced

Oracle has recently released VirtualBox 7.0.16, as the newest stable update to its open-source, cross-platform virtualization software. This update has unveiled several noteworthy alterations specifically intended for Linux users.

The release of VirtualBox 7.0.16 arrives three months following VirtualBox 7.0.14. It presents preliminary support for Linux kernel 6.8 in the Linux Guest Additions, which signifies that distributions powered by Linux kernel 6.8 can now also be operated inside virtual machines.

Initial support is additionally provided by VirtualBox 7.0.16 for the upcoming Linux 6.9 kernel series. This support applies both to Linux guests and hosts, thus permitting the installation of VirtualBox on a machine operating on Linux kernel 6.9. It also enables the running of GNU/Linux distributions powered by Linux kernel 6.9 inside virtual machines.

Alongside these updates, this release also allows the prevention of the automatic loading of the VirtualBox kernel module during system boot. This can be achieved by adding a mod_name.disabled=1 parameter to the kernel command line. Corrections linked with UBSAN warnings found on recent Linux distributions are also included in this release, along with a fix for a mk_pte warning induced in Linux kernel 6.6 LTS.

On top of that, it sorts the assembly of the VirtualBox kernel modules against GCC 13.2, sets right a Linux virtual machine collapse with some current AMD CPU models, and addresses an issue when VBox.sh was eliminating the incorrect VBoxSVC IPC socket when the virtual machine was initiated using sudo.

For all endorsed platforms, VirtualBox 7.0.16 corrects a guru meditation performing nested-guests utilizing the KVM hypervisor in the guest on Intel hosts, remedies an issue when the EHCI controller was improperly managing short packets, addresses an issue on macOS hosts when App Nap was impacting the virtual machine’s performance.

This version also presents general audio enhancements, graphic improvements for Windows Guest Additions if you’re operating Windows inside a virtual machine, coupled with improved commencement of Windows guest processes in the correct Windows session, and refreshes the usage information and documentation for VBoxManage and vboximg-mount.

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Check out the changelog on the official website for more details about the changes introduced in VirtualBox 7.0.16, which you can download right now from here for all supported platforms. Don’t forget to also download and install the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack from the same page.

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