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June 28, 2024

Shotcut 24.06 Video Editor Update: Now Supporting AVIF Images and SVT-AV1 Encoder

Two months after the release of Shotcut 24.04, the open-source, cross-platform, and free video editor written in Qt has been updated today to version 24.06, a release that introduces new features, new filters, and other changes.

Highlights of Shotcut 24.06 include support for AVIF (AV1) images, support for the SVT-AV1 encoder as a faster non-hardware AV1 encoder, support for DJI LRF (MP4) files as a proxy, a new Scrub While Dragging function for Keyframes, and a new Drop Shadow video filter that uses the input alpha channel.

This release also introduces a new Vibrance video filter that’s similar to the Saturation video filter, but it’s more sensitive to the current saturation instead of adjusting all values equally as in saturation, which might come in handy for preventing affecting skin tones.

On top of that, Shotcut 24.06 adds a new Mid-Side Matrix audio filter for processing certain kinds of microphones into proper stereo sound, improves handling for some variable frame rate videos, adds a Playlist > menu > Columns option to the UI, and adds support for FFmpeg 7.0, dav1d 1.4.2, OpenCV 4.9, and VMAF 3.0.0.

Numerous bugs were addressed in this new Shotcut update to improve functionality like Glaxnimate animations, GPU Effects, Timeline > Select None, Export > Codec > Quality hint, Properties > Proxy > Make, Automatically Add Tracks, Properties > Audio > Track > All, Settings > Timeline > Auto Add Tracks, Settings > Time Format, View > Application Log > Previous, Properties > menu > View Bitrate, and others.

Check out the release notes for more details about the changes included in this update. Meanwhile, you can download Shotcut 24.06 from the official website as a universal AppImage or portable Linux binary that lets you run Shotcut on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.

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