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May 11, 2024

Upcoming Release: GNOME 47 Desktop Environment Set for September 18th, 2024 Launch

The six-month-long development cycle of the upcoming GNOME 47 desktop environment started and the release schedule suggests a final release date of September 18th, 2024.

As we are enjoying the many features of the recent GNOME 46 desktop environment on our Fedora Linux 40 Workstation or Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) releases, the GNOME developers are focused on the upcoming major release, GNOME 47, expected later this year.

A public release schedule for GNOME 47, set to be called “Denver” in tribute to the host city of the GUADEC 2024 conference, was recently published. Based on the release schedule, the GNOME 47 alpha version will be open to public testing as early as next month on June 29th.

The GNOME 47 beta is set to be ready by August 3rd, while the Release Candidate (RC) version is expected to be available on August 31st. The official release date of the GNOME 47 desktop environment has been slated for September 18th, 2024.

Here’s the GNOME 47 release schedule at a glance if you want to mark it in your calendar:

  • GNOME 47 Alpha – June 29th, 2024
  • GNOME 47 Beta – August 3rd, 2024
  • GNOME 47 Release Candidate – August 31st, 2024
  • GNOME 47 Final Release – September 18th, 2024

While it’s too early to talk about the new features and major changes in the GNOME 47 desktop environment, I’m hopeful to see the long-awaited built-in support for accent colors and maybe the new, unconventional window management system that uses a mosaic tiling behavior.

GNOME 47 is anticipated to bring hardware encoding for screencasts, include a “Legacy HiDPI Compatibility” setting under Display options, show battery health data for laptops, enhance the batch renaming feature, and bring the FileChooser portal backend into Nautilus (Files).

There’s an expectation that the variable refresh rate (VRR) function will move from experimental to stable, ready for public use with the forthcoming GNOME 47 release. Such a release will prominently feature in the upcomingFedora Linux 41 and Ubuntu 24.10 distro releases later this year.

Rest assured, any significant changes to GNOME 47 will be updated here throughout its six-month-long development period. In the meantime, the GNOME developers are set to release more updates for the latest GNOME 46 desktop environment series. The next release, GNOME 46.2, is scheduled for May 25, 2024.

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