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May 17, 2024

VMware Workstation Pro Now Available for Free on Linux and Windows


VMware has now made it’s highly professional virtual machine software accessible for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux for individual users.

Due to these changes, users can now download VMware Workstation Pro 17 and function it without the requirement of a license key or enduring subscription cost for Windows and Linux. Contrarily, macOS users can download, setup, and use VMware Fusion Pro 13 without any costs.

Virtualization software such as VMware enables the running of “guest” operating systems on a “host” operating system commonly with flawless system integration like shared clipboard contents, the ability to drag and drop files, etc., and hardware support, like GPU acceleration.

Such applications simplify running Windows within Ubuntu, without the need for dual-boot, along with other Linux distributions, BSDs (and no, not the Windows type), and many more. Positively efficient, convenient, and with isolation, secure too.

Broadcom, the company that acquired VMware in 2023, states in a blog post that it is now offering these previously expensive tools for personal use for free in their endeavour to provide persistent, enduring value to its customers and the wider VMware community.

Regular users who desire a virtual lab on their Mac, Windows, or Linux computers can now access this for free. All they have to do is register and then download the software from the new download portal situated at support.broadcom.com

A paid subscription is still a necessity for Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro if these are being used for ‘commercial’ purposes. Nevertheless, since there are no concrete requirements, in-app monitoring, or any other restrictions that could limit features, it falls on the integrity of the user to ensure proper usage.

When dealing with virtual machine software for Linux, there are other open source alternatives available. Oracle VirtualBox is the most well-known among them, while GNOME Boxes provides a user-friendly interface to the robust KVM and QEMU virtualization technology.

VMware Workstation Pro boasts several notable features such as adjustable networking with VLAN support, multiple virtual NICs, and network simulation tools. It offers snapshots, easy cloning, machine templates and remote connectivity features among others.

However, it’s no surprise given that virtualization is just one of the many areas that Oracle are involved in, whereas VMware has devoted the past 25 years specifically to this field.

The decision to choose VMWare Workstation Pro over its competitors ultimately lies with you. My aim is simply to inform that this software is now available as freeware on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

If you are interested in downloading VMware Workstation Pro 17 for Linux, you’ll need to create a Broadcom account. Sign in to a specific support page, accept the terms and conditions, click a download link, and enter “trade compliance” information before the download commences.

On Linux the VMware Workstation installer is a .bundle file. Unusual; effectively a shell script linking to binaries inside. Download it fully then give the bundle permission to run. Then run it as root from a terminal to install.

After that… Well, things get involved on Linux — this article would’ve been out 4 hours ago but the kernel module tool that has to build compatible kernel modules repeatedly fails (a long-standing issue it turns out) — but I worked it out in the end.

After that, walk though the steps as you see them, being sure to check the “I want to license VMware Workstation Pro 17 for personal use” and opt-out of all other junk.

Are you familiar with VMware software? Do you find it better than open-source options for running Windows or other OSes on Linux? Let me know in the comments — I’m eager to hear firsthand experiences!

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