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February 20, 2024

Calamares 3.3.2 Installer Enhancements: Improved Manual Partitioning and Compatibilty with Qt 6

Adriaan de Groot has unveiled the newest maintenance update to the Calamares 3.3 series, named Calamares 3.3.2, which is a prominent installer software for GNU/Linux distributions.

Calamares 3.3.2 was launched over a single month following the rollout of Calamares 3.3.1. The previous update included a reshuffle of the internal code, added plain Ubuntu builds to the CI roster, gave extra context for strings universally, and extended the options in the Display Manager module configuration’s for greetd.

Having been ported to the Qt 6 latest open-source application framework, Calamares 3.3.2 has significantly improved its Qt 6 compatibility. To achieve this, it discarded compatibility with Qt editions preceding Qt 5.15.5 LTS. Such a transition is advantageous for GNU/Linux distributions that are set to carry the awaited KDE Plasma 6 and other Qt 6-driven desktop environments.

Besides these improvements, this release has further enhanced manual partitioning. It has rectified a fstab bug that previously caused Btrfs to disorganize the partition layout, and upgraded the Partition module to define unencrypted partitions whenever encryption is deployed.

Lastly, Calamares 3.3.2 adds support for configuring the NetworkManager network connection manager with the live system’s NetPlan settings on NetPlan-enabled systems, such as Ubuntu Linux.

Calamares 3.3 was released in mid-December 2023 as a major update bringing many new features like a zfshostid module for copying ZFS-generated /etc/hostid, support for LUKS or LUKS2 disk encryption in the Partition module, support for a configurable kernel name in the Dracut module, as well as modernized UI for both Keyboard and Locale modules.

Most GNU/Linux distributions that use Calamares as their default graphical installer are already using this release. If you’re a distro maintainer shipping Calamares, you can download the Calamares 3.3.2 release right now from the project’s GitHub page.

Linux users will be able to enjoy these features the next time they install their favorite GNU/Linux distribution using the Calamares universal graphical installer, such as KaOS, Lubuntu 24.04 LTS, Kubuntu 24.04 LTS, and others. Calamares 3.3 is fully compatible with the latest Qt 6 and KDE Frameworks 6 frameworks.

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