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May 21, 2024

HandBrake 1.8 Video Transcoder: New Additions of GTK4 Port for Linux and Support for FFmpeg 7.0

HandBrake 1.8, the open-source and cross-platform video transcoder application, landed today as a significant upgrade that finally features a GTK4 port for Linux, as well as an array of new features and improvements.

Arriving just over three months following HandBrake 1.7.3, the HandBrake 1.8 unveiling presents a GTK4 port version of the UI to Linux users, augmented by recursive file scan support, refreshed app symbols, new flags such as --clear-queue and --auto-start-queue, and compatibility for drag-and-drop multi-file scanning.

HandBrake 1.8 also provides Linux users with an updated “Open Source” button to enhance discoverability of the folder/batch mode, various revisions to existing language translations, corrections to several bugs, and the integration of numerous other minor enhancements to provide a refined experience.

The release of HandBrake 1.8 introduces several new features to all supported platforms, including the FFV1 encoder; a new “Preservation FFV1” setting within the “Professional” category; support for multi-pass CQ with VP9; compatibility for VP9 tunes; and Dolby Vision dynamic metadata pass-through for SVT-AV1.

It also adds VP9 and FLAC muxing support in the MP4 container, a TrueHD encoder, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz sample rates for TrueHD and FLAC encoders, AMF 1.4.33 for AMD VCN video encoding, oneVPL 2.10.1 for Intel QSV video encoding and decoding, SVT-AV1 2.1.0 for AV1 video encoding, x264 164 r3186 for H.264/AVC video encoding, x265 3.6 for H.265/HEVC video encoding, libdovi 3.3.0 for Dolby Vision dynamic metadata, libopus 1.5.2 for Opus audio encoding, libvpx 1.14.0 for VP8/VP9 video encoding, and FFmpeg 7.0 support.

On top of all that, HandBrake 1.8 improves Decomb’s speed by removing unneeded frame copies, improves Framerate Shaper metrics for high-depth frames, improves audio track selection by tracking “linked” audio tracks, and improves the libdovi package to make it possible to ship it in the Flatpak version of the app distributed on Flathub.

Among other noteworthy changes, this release removes timestamp jitters in the MP4 container when using a constant NTSC frame rate, removes support for importing legacy plist-based presets from older HandBrake versions, fixes overriding of subtitle settings, and fixes incorrect channel layout when encoding a 6.1 track to Opus.

HandBrake 1.8 also fixes pass-through of VobSub tracks that contain empty or fully transparent subtitle samples, an issue that prevented decoding VobSub tracks stored inside MP4 files, burn-in of SSA/ASS subtitles inside MKV files that have duplicated Read Orders, and processing of audio overrides to preset.

Check out the release notes on the project’s GitHub page for more details about the changes included in this release, from where you can also download HandBrake 1.8 as a Flatpak app that you can easily install on your GNU/Linux distribution using a graphical App Store like GNOME Software or Plasma Discover.

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