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April 27, 2024

Latest Release: GNOME 46.1 Desktop Environment with Enhanced Sync Support

The GNOME Project announced today the availability of GNOME 46.1, the first minor increment of the most recent GNOME 46 “Kathmandu” desktop environment series, offering various enhancements and fixes.

Coming a month after the launch of GNOME 46, GNOME 46.1 introduces explicit GNU synchronization functionality for NVIDIA hardware users on Wayland, aiming to boost performance and rectify various graphical anomalies. This was implemented in the Mutter window and composite manager.

Nevertheless, a new NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver release that incorporates explicit synchronization is still to be waited for. Conversely, Mutter 46.1 also enhances support for hybrid graphics, rectifying several secondary GPU acceleration problems with the NVIDIA graphics driver, and rectifying input lag seen on X11 with NVIDIA hardware.

Additionally, Mutter 46.1 improves the Night Light feature for displays lacking EDID, increases support for certain Xwayland clients, corrects the initial suspended state, and resolves a suite of other errors and crashes.

GNOME Shell has been updated as well in GNOME 46.1 to improve the notification of conflicting sessions, add a shift level to the Korean on-screen keyboard layout, fix markup support in notifications, address a couple of issues in the Extensions app, and also fix some smaller bugs.

GNOME’s Nautilus (Files) file manager received fixes for some bugs as well to enable users to create archives with the Enter key on the “Compress” dialog, correctly move the focus when an item is removed, and optimize the overall view performance.

Moreover, Nautilus 46.1 prevents a crash when compressing a file and a folder, no longer shows banners in global search, preserves permissions when copying from read-only filesystems, and disables non-working global search from the “Other Locations” view.

Other than that, GNOME 46.1 updates the GNOME Maps app to fix an issue with the current location marker not moving when updating the location, as well as the GNOME Text Editor app to remove the DBusActicatable=true parameter from the .desktop file, which fixes an issue where you could spawn Text Editor via D-Bus and not have the session restored at startup.

The Orca 46.1 screen reader is included as well in this release with fixes for an issue that caused flat review clicking to fail in some GTK apps, a regression in the SayAll during page load, a crash in Pidgin IM, a hang when “where am I” was used immediately after loading the pages of a large document, and presentation of new radio button groups.

Last but not least, the Loupe image viewer has been updated to version 46.2, a release that fixes the fill-space option not being applied when changing the orientation in Print Preview, an issue that prevented PNG images from being displayed when browsing SMB shares, blurry fractional scaling, an issue that prevented exposure times above 0.5 seconds from being displayed correctly in the Properties dialog, and an issue where the page orientation from the Print Preview dialog wasn’t honored for the actual print.

Updates have been introduced to the GNOME Control Center 46.1 in numerous panels. In the Network Panel, support for cloned-mac with stable-ssid has been included. The Privacy panel has seen a resolution for Help pages issues during Privacy settings navigation. The Sharing panel will now automatically be hidden in the absence of Rygel and gnome-user-share while the Wacom panel now checks for the correct output connector name.

The System panel has undergone improvements in generated passwords for Remote Desktop settings. It will no longer display the auto-timezone setting when location services cannot be found. In the Display panel, a crash that was triggered while pressing the Esc key in the display settings has been fixed. There are also improvements in the accessibility of “Typing” settings sliders in the Accessibility panel.

In GNOME 46.1, additional updates include the GNOME Remote Desktop server running on Big Endian and prevention of a crash in case there are no user sessions. Similarly, xdg-desktop-portal-gnome has also received various fixes for the ScreenCast portal dialog. For an extensive insight into these changes, refer to the release announcement page.

GNOME 46.1 will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions, particularly if you’re using rolling-release distros like Arch Linux or openSUSE Tumbleweed, ensuring that your installations stay up to date is essential if you use the latest GNOME 46 desktop environment series.

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