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April 1, 2024

Presenting the Latest Arch Linux ISO Release with Linux Kernel 6.8 and an Upgraded Installer

For individuals seeking to install Arch Linux, there’s a new official ISO snapshot available for download. This is powered by Linux kernel 6.8 and offers an enhanced installation experience.

Yes, you heard it right, due to the backdooring of XZ Utils package, the Arch Linux developers were compelled to release the ISO snapshot for April 2024 a bit earlier than scheduled. This affected the 2024.03.01 ISO image of Arch Linux, as well as the analogous virtual machine and container images, that was up for downloads on the official site.

The backdoor was present in 5.6.0-1 and 5.6.1-1 versions of the XZ package in Arch Linux. The developers of Arch Linux were fast in addressing the issue by releasing the 5.6.1-2 version of XZ, which is also bundled into the new ISO image, named Arch Linux 2024.03.29. More insights on this can be found here.

Besides the corrected XZ package, the Arch Linux 2024.03.29 ISO image is also the first to be loaded with the latest and most advanced Linux 6.8 kernel series. This obviously provides improved hardware support for those wishing to install Arch Linux on novel hardware units. The ISO comes with Linux kernel 6.8.2 as default.

In the newest April 2024 ISO release of Arch Linux, an updated version of the archinstall menu-based installer is included. This updated version, 2.7.2, increases the support for unified kernel images (UKI) by only allowing supported options and fixing the default value for UKI.

Further improvements in the archinstall 2.7.2 release are the addition of the --skip-ntp parameter in the documentation, the replacement of plasma-wayland-session with plasma-workspace for installations of Arch Linux featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment, Lithuanian translation support, and Italian locale updates.

For downloads of Arch Linux 2024.03.29, users can visit the

official website. Keep in mind, this is only required for new installations. Existing Arch Linux users can maintain the up-to-date status of their installation just by executing the sudo pacman -Syu command via their preferred terminal emulator.

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