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May 30, 2024

Release of Transmission 4.0.6: Revamped Open-Source BitTorrent Client with Several Fixes

Transmission 4.0.6, an open-source, costless, and multi-platform BitTorrent client has been released today. This release particularly caters to bug fixes reported by users from prior versions in the 4.0.x series.

Transmission 4.0.6 comes around half a year after the release of Transmission 4.0.5. The improvements made in this release range from parsing of HTTP tracker announce response, Flatpak release metainfo update, enhancing UTP peer connections to adhere better to user-defined speed limits, and addressing several logging issues.

The Transmission GTK client has been developed to be compatible with GTKMM 4 and to build correctly on BSD platforms. Other enhancements include the addition of the developer name and launchable desktop-id to the metainfo files, and a bug fix for the GTK client’s “Use authentication” option that wasn’t being saved between sessions.

Conversely, the Transmission Qt client was updated with a bug fix that was causing the torrent piece size description text and slider state in the torrent creation dialog not to always be up-to-date.

The Transmission Web client was also updated to fix a bug where the infinite ratio symbol was displayed incorrectly, address a layout issue in the speed display, correct the download/upload speed info wrap, fix a bug where SVG and PNG icons weren’t displayed, and add some general UI improvements related to the filter bar.

For all platforms, the Transmission 4.0.6 release fixes a bug that caused some user scripts to have an invalid TR_TORRENT_TRACKERS environment variable, a bug where the alt-speed-enabled option had no effect when used in the settings.json file, and a bug where the file name for single-file torrents was not sanitized.

It also fixes compatibility with clang-format 18, compiling with Mbed TLS 3.x, compiling of the libtransmission library with very old CMake versions, as well as some bugs where some RPC methods do not put torrents in recently-active anymore.

Other than that, starting with this release Transmission now only uses a single concurrent queue for timeMachineExclude rather than one queue per torrent. Check out the release notes on the project’s GitHub page for more details about the changes included in Transmission 4.0.6.

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