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March 8, 2024

Potential Discontinuation of XOrg Session in Fedora 41 Workstation Now Under Discussion

The Fedora Project is contemplating the removal of the XOrg (X11) session by default starting with Fedora Linux 41, anticipated to be released later this year; this version will prominently feature the GNOME desktop.

After deciding to delete the XOrg session for the Fedora KDE Spin beginning with the soon-to-be-released Fedora Linux 40, which will feature the most recent KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment, the Fedora Project is keen to replicate this approach for the Fedora Workstation edition.

The move of Fedora Linux towards Wayland-only has been a topic of discussion for a considerable period, but it seems this shift will indeed take place this year, a development that aligns with my continual citation of this as the year of the Wayland desktop. The decision to remove by default the XOrg session from the Workstation edition has been greenlit for Fedora Linux 41, as indicated in this Fedora Pagure thread.

“Fedora Workstation WG discussed this today and we agreed we should do this for Fedora 41, since it is really too late already for F40 (Fedora Linux 40) and it should really be handled as a System Wide Change anyway,” said Jens Petersen, Software Engineering Manager at Red Hat.

As you can imagine, not everyone in the Fedora Linux community is happy as some users are complaining about screen readers and other accessibility features not working well on the Wayland session. However, the Fedora Project is confident that these issues will be addressed before Fedora Linux 41 hits the streets.

While development on Fedora Linux 41 kicked off in early February as Rawhide, this change hasn’t been documented properly in the Fedora Wiki at the moment of writing. The final release of Fedora Linux 41 is expected sometime in early or mid-November 2024 with the GNOME 47 and KDE Plasma 6.1 desktop environments.

Until then, Fedora Linux 40 will be out in late April or early May with the soon-to-be-released GNOME 46 desktop environment series for the Workstation edition and the latest KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment for the Fedora KDE Spin. The beta version of Fedora Linux 40 is expected later this month.

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